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Have you been feeling "out of sorts" lately?
Like you're not sure what you should be choosing or what your next best steps are to create the life and business you want?
Or maybe you're not quite sure what the hang-up is but you're tired of being in the space of uncertainty?

And you're ready to be clear and confident on who you are and know that the decisions you're making are unshakably right for you?

Aligned By Design

If that's you then you're ready For Aligned By Designed

Unlock, decode, and reveal your deepest soul-led truth to shift you into BEING the magical powerhouse you're meant to be so can create the lit up, on fire, turned on life and business you desire, on your terms.

As the magically abundant source of creativity, power and transformation for you and all the peeps in your sphere. 

Aligned By Design helps you unlock your fullest expression. It's about you learning who you are on a cellular level so you can show up in your life and business the way you were always meant to.. 

This is the most soul-shifting work you'll ever do to reconnect to who you truly are at your core, call in your new self assured identity, and go way beyond what you think you know about yourself to push aside your current low vibe, unspectacular way of thinking and feelings of insufficiency and inadequacy, and turn up the dial on having, being and doing everything you want, now!




For people like you and me, being Aligned isn't just a noun, or a title- it's a verb, it's an act, an action, pure unadulterated movement towards having the lifstyle you want. It requires you to go deep down and get dirty, sifting through the muck of what you've been taught are your defects, faults, and limitations, but those perceived flaws are actually your freedom formula-

1. You'll provide the information I need to read your Human Design Chart.

2. I'll provide all the juicy information around your life and business purpose so you can understand how you're meant to BE in this world

3. You'll do the work to embody and relearn your power and uplevel your self-concept into the identity you were always meant to be and create a life that completely lights you up, on your terms!

This isn't coaching. This is embodiment on a cellular and soul-aligned level. 


Your unique roadmap that is going to get you where you want to be, with ease and flow.

Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't hills to climb and battles to fight complete with ninja-like stealth moves and karate kicks. I went through it, my other clients have fought their way through it and you will win as well.

Here's the deal

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You want a decision-making process backed by radical self-trust and the full power of knowing that what you're choosing is exactly what you should be doing to get you the life you want,
Then Aligned By Design is right for you.

I know you're tired of feeling insufficient and inadequate in making life work for you the way you want, but what if how you lean towards doing things, the desires you have for your life and the quirky ideals you have about what success and happiness look like for you, IS actually your roadmap fulfillment and pleasure?

In Aligned By Design, I'm going to show you exactly how who you truly are at your core is exactly the person you need to be to have, be and do all of what soul is calling you to.

We all have a unique blueprint for how we're supposed to show up and build the life we want. The only problem is that we've been trained not to follow that innate knowing.

It's there.
Deep down.

I know you feel it. I felt it too. And when I started accepting the truth of who I truly am and how I'm supposed to be in this world, it was a little intimating but mostly, it was confirmation,. It was power and unleashed a whole new perspective on what was possible for me and I haven't looked back since.

I want this certainty for you just as much as you want it for yourself and now you can have it.

Hey. I'm Aja. Your New BFF
3/5 Manifesting Generator
Multi-Creative Entrepreneur
Ultimate Queen of Living + Businessing on my terms
I'm super excited to connect with you. I've been where you are, confused and overwhelmed and on top of that, feeling insufficient + inadequate, so when I say, you don't have to live that way, it's the straight up truth!

You can design a life + business on your terms, that completely lights you up, beyond your wildest dreams

I'm here to serve as your inspiration

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"

Hey I'm Aja!Your new BFF.