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Stop fighting against your natural flow, align with the cra-cra things you do, and use them as your superpower to effortlessly create the life you want, on your terms.  
Features include:
✔   Workshop Video Over An Hour
✔   Workshop Video Slides/PDF
✔   Bonuses

The Identity Embodiment Workshop

→ Taking ownership of your emotions and results to have the outcomes you want

→ How to let go of you’re being and embody your new identity

→ Discovering how your natural inclinations are what will set you free to be the You you want to be

→ How you got here and how to look at the past, to move into being and doing all that you desire

In this workshop we'll cover:


It's time to step into being the You, you want to be!

Writing Your Reality.

My favorite practice for getting into that next level energy that you want to be in to get shit down and live as your fullest expression.

Drop Into Your Body Session.

Short video to help you connect with how your body communicates with you so you can learn to make decisions from your body instead of your brain.

- Raquel S.

"A few minutes in I had tears in my eyes because this is exactly what I needed to know. I now have the clarity I was seeking. You were my earth angel! Thank you."

- Elaine E.

"Aja is a very effective speaker. Her eloquence and thoroughness in providing guidance for completing the profile inspired my confidence and trust in the process. I cannot wait to complete the profile given her detailed guidance.."

- Meg R.

"Aja is amazing! Love her energy, her spirit + the way she explains everything. She helped me understand how to improve my strategy when marketing and creating my content, and even though I already had a HD reading and I had some knowledge about it, this was really helpful and I got some very useful info and practical tips to use in my business!"


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