How much would that change the way you showed up, shared your life, the way you business? What if the rules you were taught to live by in this world wasn't meant for you at all? Well, that's exactly what I found out about myself.

What if your flaws were actually your formula for freedom?

Release The Bullshit Keeping 
You From Your Next Level
Quantum Shift is the 5 day straight to your core, releasing the bullshit that's keeping you from accepting + taking aligned action on being the successful multi-passionate entrepreneur who has it all, on her terms. 
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I'm just not built to stay in one lane unless that lane is all about the freedom of doing "Whatever The Hell I Want. All the years I was taught that to become successful + happy I had to get good at one thing. Totally Untrue!

I found that my flaw (love for change) is actually my formula for freedom. Now, I'm the happiest woman I know and I haven't looked back since. 

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I do what I want, when I want, and how I want and have developed soo much self-awareness, self-trust, and joy in being a multi-passionate, non-linear, making the most awesome decisions for myself based on my emotions woman that I know and now that I’m here-I’m never going back! #manifestinggenerator

I cried the day I realized that who I am and wanted to show up as was exactly who I should be and that nothing was wrong with me.

I used to think I was different and defective because I didn’t desire to live in the way I was taught.

“Why can’t I just want what everyone else wants?” was the thought that constantly ran through my mind causing me to feel self-conscious and inadequate.

I wanted, so badly, to Want to have a “normal” life. Married with kids, living in my two-story home with a picket fence and a dog, with a husband named John who had a great government job, along with my secretarial position at a mid-sized company, allowing us to live nicely and take a week-long vacation every year.

But I didn’t desire it and not wanting it made me feel insufficient, defective, and embarrassed!

That exploration led me to study and practice different types of personal development methods hoping to solve my problem of feeling and being odd. Believing that who I was and the way I wanted to live was completely wrong and keeping me from creating the results I wanted.

But what I learned through Human Design specifically Manifesting Generator teachings is that I don’t need fixing and how I do things, my odd and bizarre interests and habits that brought me joy, the way I showed up when I was being my true self, not giving a fuck what others thought about my decisions, and living life on my terms is Exactly what gave me my aligned roadmap to inner peace and fearlessness which led to me fully enjoying the lit-up, freedom supply lifestyle I have today.

If you’ve been feeling like “why is it so hard to get what and where I want to be?!” then I’ve created brilliant tools to help you be, do and have, all that you desire, at this point in your life, on your terms. Check them out here. 

I'm the most               woman I know

multi-creatives rock!


Feeling Insufficient Made Me Search For Tools To Help Me Change Who I Was So I Could Be Happier, Fit In And Fix What Was Wrong With Me

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