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The shifts that made me amazing at multi-creative entrepreneurship

For years I’ve had a yearning, a calling to business a different way.

I had no idea I was a Multi-Creative, a term I coined because I was all up in judgment over calling myself Multi-Passionate due to my very well-indoctrinated mind thinking I was a filthy dirty slut if I was multi-passionate!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a lot of time reprogramming your brain to No Longer believe that to go after having a business is a Ludacris idea, only to get into the online business space and be highly ridiculed for not “choosing the one thing” because, well, that’s how we do business in this here online space little girl!!

• And you feel inadequate.
• And you feel incompetent
• And you feel like a crazy person for having different feelings!

It’s madness, but you don’t know there’s a different way in the beginning, because all you hear online is CHOOSE ONE THING!

It’s out here for a.Multi-Creative. But you can start making these shifts to help you tap into your power and be the most amazing multi-creative you know.

I must confess that I fell upon this shift by accident. But here it is-

-What if there was no one doing what you do and you didn’t have anyone to show you how to do the things you want to do?

-What if there was no one out there for you to model your business after or coach with to help you set things up and show you the ropes?

-What if YOU were the pioneer, the visionary, the thought leader? Well, you’d have no choice but to be willing to get out there and try things out, knowing that you’re probably going to fail at quite a few things, but it would be the Best Thing for you because you’d be doing it all on your terms!

This is what happened for me. I had my head down. Doing whatever felt good for me to do.

I decided all the online business rules, simply didn’t apply to me. They weren’t written for US anyway, you know!

I was so encapsulated with doing what felt good for me, I didn’t notice anyone else…Whaaattttt?!

That actually gave me the most confidence I’ve had in a very, very long time.

→ No suffering from comparisonitis
→ No afflictions of imposter syndrome
→ No cases of the “I should’s”

It was pure freedom.

Freedom from the programming of how business should look or be run.

I honed my goal setting and decision-making skills using my emotions as a tool for discernment and my brain for processing those emotions-In that Order!

And I’ve not looked back since.

The shift of cultivating the belief that I could build a business based solely on how I wanted things to look meant that there WASN’T anyone out there doing things the way I wanted to do business, run my business and be in my business.

You can do this too!

#1 One of my favorite questions ever…

Start with asking yourself “What’s a great way for me to share today?” In other words, how the hell do I feel like marketing today?

For me, it was ending the scroll on Social Media. That doesn’t mean you don’t post, or connect with people. It just means that you’re intentional about the time and effort you put in.

I lead with my emotions. It’s all about the feelings. Maybe you’re like me and are a member of 3.2 million Facebook groups but you only go into a few of them. Which feel good for me to drop in, look around, connect with a few people and talk about what I’m up to.

And then I’m out!!

People aren’t going to die if you don’t reply back to a comment right after you post something despite popular opinion!! You can go have lunch. You can play a game with the kid or have a conversation with your BFF on Marco Polo if you like, then go back and answer the questions or comments people left on your post.

#2 Get busy!

You’re a creative ma’am! Go create. Have fun. And talk about what you’re up to in the places you like to share it, with the people you like to share it with.

No content plan necessary! My biggest problem is that I sincerely get to having so much fun creating for business or just having fun living the way I want to be living, that I forget to take pictures!! Ugghhh.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not taking the pictures as a marketing strategy. I’m taking the pictures because I sincerely want to share what’s going on over here with my peeps.

You know how when you find that good deal on International Delight Stone Cold Creamery, Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer and you just Have to tell everybodyyyyyyyyy?! No? Just me? Well, you get what I’m saying!! I’m just so excited and lit up by what I’ve got going on that I want to share it with everyone and pictures are a great way of sharing….I just have to learn how to remember to take the darn pictures..LOL which is also a great segway into …..

#3 Self Concept

Who do you want to be? Start being and living as the self-concept + identity of the You, you want to be. It’s not going to “just happen”! You have to practice being her.

It’s funny because I was listening to an Ad on Youtube one day and the guy was talking about being someone he’s not.

Well, my friend, as much as we understand Not being someone you’re not because of our trials in this linear non-multi-passionate world, this does NOT apply when it comes to your self-concept!

You literally have to practice being the person you want to be, you know, someone you’re not, in order to BE the person you want to be!!

Fake it til you make it isn’t a bad thing. You have to learn my love.

If you don’t like the words Fake it til you make then here are some other quotes, affirmations, or mantra’s you can try on and find one that fits you-

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”-Paulo Coelho
“Success is something you attract by the person you become.” -Jim Rohn
“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” -unknown
Listen, what I’m trying to help you understand is that the desire you have to go to your next level isn’t going to happen remaining in your current self-concept. You have to connect with your future self-concept and start being her NOW to get where she is!
→ Okay, I’ve riffed enough. You’ve got plenty to work on here and I’d love to hear what you learned, what you resonated with and what you’re going to start trying today! Leave me a comment below.
X, Aja
Life is happening Now. Live Free!

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