How to embrace being a multi-creative entrepreneur

Don’t you find it highly interesting that there’s Sooo much information around building a business that excludes strategies for Multi-Creatives?

It’s been eye-opening for me, learning how to navigate how to show you, who to be when I’m showing up and what to say when I show up, because all the resources, lives, posts I see don’t help me.

It sounds like I’m complaining but I’m actually not because I’ve learned how to be a pioneer, a visionary a thought leader, and create my own pathways.

Not having these “role models” has actually allowed me to embrace being a multi-creative entrepreneur because I’ve learned to lead from my emotions, build my discernment skills and connect with who I am and my innate knowing and resonance.

Comparisonitis used to be my emotional beat down of choice and now, I’m excited to say it down a whopping 85-80%. Of course, I still have my moments, but they are becoming very far and few between- Yassss! Fist bump.

One of the major tools I’ve used to help me find my lane of genius and combat imposter syndrome along with comparisonitis, effortlessly is Human Design.

It’s given me the confirmation I needed to know, with my full body and brain, that me being a multi-creative isn’t wrong and the way I go about living and businessing is my unique formula for success.

So I pose a few questions to you-What would it look like for you to embrace your multi-creativeness?

  • How can you start to live according to the version of yourself that you’re feeling called to?
  • How can you lessen the “triggers” you come up against?
  • I highly suggest you get the Aligned By Design Reading I offer so you can start your journey to embracing your gifts.

x, Aja

Life is happening Now. Live Free!

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