Multi-creatives: You’re not a unicorn

Hey Girl!

Still listening to strategies and plans based on Unicorn life? Girl, you are not a unicorn. You are a Multi-Corn, get in your own lane.

Here’s the deal-

We’re just not built for the rules and techniques that they’re using. I’m here to tell ya, it took me a whole 8 years to figure that out and while I truly understand everyone has to find their truth in their own time, I hope to be able to cut down some of that timeline for you so you can get to living + businessing on your own terms.

What that means is learning to accept those perceived flaws as your superpowers.

For me, that looked like accepting my love and desire for change as my freedom formula and superpower.

Here’s what happened when I finally stopped fighting against my natural free flow current and allowed myself to make decisions from Soul-

  • Well, besides becoming the happiest Multi-Creative entrepreneur I know, I found that marketing, the thing I hated with a passion doing, actually became fun!

All because I dropped the unicorn way of showing up, burned their rules down to the ashes, girl, and started doing whatever the hell I wanted when I wanted.

Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to utilize discipline, no, I do, it just doesn’t look like anything of what I was told I had to do to market and connect with brilliant multi’s like you.

Now, I have a few different ways I like to show up and marketing truly is just me sharing what’s good in my life and business. I don’t have a set number of emails, or social media posts I create and send out, but because I’m usually in some kind of creative mood, I get things done.

The discipline I’ve had to learn to become skillful at is Being okay with what feels good to create in the moment.

Like right now, I feel like writing. I will probably pump out about 3-4 blog posts today. Tomorrow I might feel like making some video’s our audios, or even a new freebie for the Resource library I’m building. (link)

And then I schedule them out and boom done-Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

  • The other thing that changed for the better is creating freebies, products, and services. Now, as you can imagine, being a Multi,it can get straight up cra-cra over here around all the things I want to create.

What I found is that the reason things got so overwhelming is because I was still in unicorn brain!

But, I’m a Multi! So I had to learn to write down the ideas as they popped in my head, and let my emotions make the decision around which one felt good for me to move on.

Learning to listen to my body and decisions from there instead of my brain-whooooo, super hard.


Because just like you, I’ve been taught that our minds is the space where our power comes from. Not this Multi.

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts about what to dive into next, consider letting your emotions do the guiding. The reason why is because when we leave it to our brains, with its current way of thinking and training, we’ll be using the wrong criteria.

You know that criteria that has you all up in “What will people buy? What’s going to make me money, today!?” I know I’m not the only one who’s made decisions based on those aspects!

What if you created the thing that sets your soul on fire the most and because you are mega excited about it, you run out and tell the world about it, and people glow up just from your litupness and catch a case of the “I’ll have whatever she’s having!”

  • The last thing I’ll share with you about the beautiful way my life and business has changed since accepting my Multitude is the Freedom Supply I’ve created.

Truth be told, I’m not even sure if I understood what freedom looked like before. There’s a lot of clarity that comes from action, even more so than just thinking, and that’s what happened to me.

I dropped the need to do things the way everyone else was doing it, pretended there was no one around to show me how and started trusting my own inner guidance.

And boom-Freedom!

Freedom, joy, and happiness like I’ve never imagined. I want this for you too.

Start taking some of these examples and turn them into tools for yourself.

I cant’ wait to see the beautiful life and business you create

x, AJa
Life is happening now. Live Free!

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