Today is the first day of my new life

Today is the first day of my new life.

If you truly believed that statement, what would you now be doing? What would you no longer be doing? Settling for? Being available for?

What if you just decided, right now, that statement is true and you get to fill in the blanks for whatever you’d like living and businessing to be?

What feelings are coming up for you?

As Multi-Creatives, (Manifesting Generators and Generators-Human Design) we tend to lead with our emotions and for the most part, we’ve been taught that’s a bad thing.

Well, sometimes it can be. But in most cases, we’ve just unlearned how to allow our emotions to guide us. But it’s crucial that you get back to practicing this ancient way of decision-making that women have the innate knowings within our bodies that allow us to be masterful at discernment.

(ooh, that was a long run-on sentence)

What I’m trying to say is as a multi-creative woman, you’re decision-making power comes from your emotions.

So then, how do you get back to a place of using this emotional authority as your most valuable tool? Let’s talk about it, shall we?

There are three words that we use in the English language that doesn’t always sit well with us when we want something and we want it now.

I’m guessing you’ve figured out one of the words is Patience. Yes, developing patience is a skill that most of us Multi’s no longer connect with because we live in this microwave fast society, but I assure you, it’s definitely needed.

You can start building that skill by simply becoming aware of when you’re not being patient. Recognizing and acknowledging those feelings when you’re experiencing them will activate the patience-building skills you need-Yep automatically.

Think about it-
Have you ever said to yourself, most of the time aloud, Be Patient! And more often than not, your nerves were calmed instantly.

Now, just because you’ve read this when you tell yourself to Be Patient, you will be even More intentional with the action. Yep, there’s nothing else you need to do here.

The next word we don’t care for so much is Practice. With anything you want to create or get better at comes practices-Am I right? Yep, you know it’s true!

So stop fronting and acting like you don’t have to do it. You do Love!! And yes, it can be super frustrating, but it’s par for the course.

When it comes to your emotions being your authority, you have to become aware of the good and the bad.

• When you feel “this” way-what happens? What behaviors come up?
• When you feel “that” way-what actions do you take? What outcome is created?

Start tracking your feelings and the actions/behaviors that come from them for just a week (30 days if you’re a badass who wants to collapse the timeline on getting to their next level) and take responsibility for the results you create that stem from your emotions.

The last word that falls to the wayside real quick is Praise. We are amazing my Friend! We do some brilliant shit. When did we learn to stop “bigg’n” ourselves up, talking about our accomplishments?

Oh, I remember when we stopped-when they started giving out trophies just for showing up on the team. When people started vocalizing how triggered they felt that we were doing something that brought us joy and pride and they weren’t-Uhhhh, not anymore!

The things you do should be celebrated! Normalize your wins, no matter how small they are, being praiseworthy because they are!

Okay, I want to hear about All. The. Things. that you’ve learned here and what you’re going to start putting in place. Let me know!

x, Aja

Life is happening Now. Live Free!

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