Who are you being when you’re making decisions

One of the things I’ve been practicing lately is being aware of who I’m being in the moment.

As I am a Manifesting Generator, my strategy is about making decisions from the here and now using my emotions as a tool for discernment.

This is just naturally how I operate, so this discovery was quite welcome however, it’s still a practice since I wasn’t taught that to be this way was very much okay.

And then, I got here in this online business world and everything was like-“go, go, go, make it happen” and I learned THAT was the strategy for me to embody, and, well, it didn’t work for me very well.

Part of my “in the moment-ness” is accepting that I get to try things out to see if it fits. Sound like a lot of fun but as much as I love this about being a Multi-Creative Manifesting Generator, to the outside world, it looks like I’m wishy-washy, all over the place, can’t stick to one thing, and that I fail-A lot!

When in actuality, getting to try on things, even taking a whole day to play around with my website that I left, went back to, and then left again; was me trying things out!

This way of living and businessing isn’t right for everyone, obviously, but you feel like this is you, then I encourage you to

#1 Get your chart read to make sure this is your path

#2 Start looking at your flaws as your formula for freedom because that’s exactly what they are

I want you to be grateful for all the people that think you got issues. Why? Because they’re just pointing out your pathway for success-“Thanks, people!! I’ll take it from here!!!”

It’s not easy, but the more you practice being aware of who you’re being in the moment. The more satisfied and fulfilled you’ll feel in the end and that’s the entire purpose!

When you’re having a look at who you’re being in the moment, what I really mean is what are you basing your perspectives and decisions on? All of our choices come from who we’re being in the moment. This awareness is key for you making the best decisions for YOU and not what you think you should be doing because that’s what Sister Mary Sue said or even that big named millionaire guru.

Your decisions have to be made from a space of you being who you truly are at your core, in that very moment, for you to have success and satisfaction.

So, when you’re making decisions, big or small, practice being aware of who you’re being in that moment and let your emotions be your guide.

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