For years I pushed aside my need and desire for change and doing things according to what felt good to me, agreeing with the label that to be a person who likes a variety of things is a person who is flaky, confused, and a little bit weird.

It wasn't until I became fed up with feeling miserable and defeated from doing all the things the gurus told me to do and made little to no progress-because what I found out is I get to do things However The Hell I Want and that’s how I became the Ultimate Queen Of Self Reinvention

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My love of change and doing things my way is part of who I am (my self concept) and instead of looking at it as something that was a stump to my success, I accepted and allowed the truth of souls guidance-

“However The Hell I Want” Is My Superpower
When I Admitted it to myself, I then had to Accept it as the truth, and had to work on the beliefs necessary to take Actions that would ultimately help me create the endless Freedom Supply life + business I yearned for.
That's how my business got its name-through me getting clear on what I truly wanted in my life, how I wanted to create those desires, and who I needed to become to get it-I wanted an endless supply of freedom. and for me

However The Hell I Want=Freedom Supply

Your flaws are your freedom formula.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

Life is happening now. Live Free.

I believe:




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By the way, I would totally be lying if I said it was SO easy after I had my superpower realization. Nope, as a matter of fact, things got Reallll uncomfortable because I had to create a belief system around building a life and business I truly love, being just as easy as me being the fullest expression of who I desired to be, whatever that looked like at the time and “showing up to
Share Things. Get Paid + Live Free”

My brain pushed back at every turn. And I do mean Every Turn!. Every Decision. And every time I thought, I'd gotten over one "negative suggestion" my brain offered, it gave me another one.

But I leaned on trusting souls guidance and the idea of just sharing what I'm loving to help me step into my truth and role as the Thought Leader, Visionary and Change Maker, Ultimate Self Re-Invention Queen and get paid to do so, and manifesting a life that’s way tooo juicy for me to pass up.