Aligned By Design


Unlock, decode, and reveal your deepest soul-led truth to shift you into BEING the magical powerhouse you’re meant to be so can create the lit up, on fire, turned on life and business you desire, on your terms.

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Aligned By Design helps you reconnect with who you were always meant to be, and your unique way to show up and connect with soulmate clients with confidence, simplicity, and ease.


Here’s what we’ll do-

1. You’ll provide the information I need to read your Human Design Chart.
2. I’ll provide all the juicy information around your life and business purpose so you can understand how you’re meant to BE in this world
3. You’ll do the work to embody and relearn your power and uplevel your self-concept into the identity you were always meant to be and create a life that completely lights you up, on your terms!

This isn’t coaching. This is embodiment on a cellular and soul-aligned level.

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